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Innocent Bystander, Healesville

On the Labour Day long weekend, we spent a morning at Blue Lotus Water Gardens, then headed to Innocent Bystander for lunch.  Healesville is a favourite lunch destination of ours (Beechworth Bakery and the wonderful Healesville Hotel), so we thought IB would also be right up there.

Sadly, it was more of a miss [...]

The Adobo Method (with bonus Sinagag)

Adobo is so close to my heart that I actually started this blog to write about it.  This is not a recipe, it’s honestly a method.  It must be cooked by feel, rather than by instructions.

All following pictures of Adobo have been Putoshopped! Puto recipe here.

Adobo is probably the most famous [...]

Dahon Gourmet Tea Lounge – Review

Ever since Cherrie started posting updates on Twitter about opening @DahonTea, I was kind of intrigued.  I’m not a big flavoured tea drinker except for bubble teas, and even then, I had to cut down my consumption quite a fair bit since 1) I moved a million miles away from the nearest bubble tea [...]