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Fridge Magnets

Hands up if these were your childhood treats too! Icing sugar #biscuits! #repix
... #oops #clubhand
I fall more in love with my new oven every time I #bake something... #bananabread with coconut and cashew #InstaDaily #instaDailyApp

Appelstroop (Dutch Apple Syrup)

You remember the Aussie Barbecue that I went to on Cup Eve?  Well, since we’re “the ones that do all the cooking”, we wound up taking home most of the leftovers.  One of which was an entire gallon (nearly 4 litres!) of apple juice.  I don’t drink fruit juice normally, since I prefer to spend [...]

Camera Cookie Cutters – Eat Your Equipment!

Before Christmas (shush, I know I’ve been on a break), I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Udi Tirosh, creator of these adorable camera cookie cutters.  He generously offered to send me a set for review, and since I had planned a weekend away with a bunch of photography friends, I [...]