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Adventures in home cooking, baking and eating out mostly in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A bit of travelling, shopping, and having a good time.

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Friday 4 – Drinks

Friday 4 is a self-imposed challenge where I post four food-related photos, and only get 4 sentences to describe each one.  It gets these beautiful pictures out of my backlog, and also makes me take better ones in future!




 September 2009, Hargreaves Hill Brewery, Yarra Valley

Beer sampling paddle.  We always order this when we’re there, the Doctor usually chooses a full-size beer from the paddle to go with his meal.

friday4-drinks2 April 2010, Muan Tea House, Happo-en, Tokyo, Japan

Our first experience of a Japanese tea ceremony, brewed by a real tea-master.
I remember this tea being much more bitter than the tea in Kyoto.

friday4-drinks3August 2011, Sweetwater Cafe, Yarra Valley

2010 La Boheme Rosé, quite dry and zingy.  I still wish for a nail polish in this colour.

friday4-drinks4August 2011, BT Special General Meeting, Victoria

1993 Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon.
Possibly the most expensive wine I’ve ever drunk, generously poured by one of the Doctor’s business partners.

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