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Adventures in home cooking, baking and eating out mostly in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A bit of travelling, shopping, and having a good time.

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Fridge Magnets

In Australia, #Santa goes around the neighbourhood in a fire truck.
I-it was just so adorable, I had to take it home!
Cute tiny #plumpudding from work :) now i have an excuse to make brandy custard :9

Brown Rice Pulao

“The funny thing about your cooking…” The Doctor said a couple of days ago.


“Is that if you find something you like when we go out, we will usually get a homemade version of it within a week.”

… He’s not often wrong, that man.  But to be fair, I don’t just make […]

Kulinarya Cooking Challenge – Langka at Ubod Taho


Kulinarya was started by a group of Filipino foodies living in Sydney, who are passionate about the Filipino culture and its colourful cuisine. Each month we will showcase a new dish along with their family recipes. By sharing these recipes, we hope you find the same passion and love for Filipino Food as we […]