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Open Day at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School

savourI forget whose blog or Twitter I first heard about this event on, but it certainly piqued my interest!  Savour Chocolate and Patisserie school is practically the only place to take pastry courses at, and definitely the only one that has any sort of focus on chocolates.

Since there’s track works near my local train station, I took a long drive up to Brunswick to check it out!


The school itself is about 3 doors down from Jewell Railway station on the Upfield line, about 10 minutes out of the city.  You could also take the #19 North Coburg tram from Melbourne Central, and get off a couple of stops after Brunswick Road.  Parking is on the street outside (2P only), or all day at the train station.

Official Contact Details

Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School
22 Wilson Avenue,
Brunswick, VIC, 3056

Phone: (03) 9380 9777
Fax: (03) 9380 9277

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday:   9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed Sunday


Some extremely healthy mint and rosemary plants are growing in the tiny little plot of land outside – I’m almost certain they’re used in some of the recipes.  Isn’t that wonderful?


I wasn’t surprised to see a macaron tower (ala Adriano Zumbo), but the macaron topiary surprised and charmed me.  The curling vines are all chocolate, with tiny macarons nestled around them.  It actually kind of makes me think it’s something Heston Blumenthal would make, except his would explode with glitter balls, or spray deadly neurotoxin gas, or something.



Filled chocolates from their classes.  They offered a tasting of most of the ones shown here, but all with the same cinnamon caramel filling.


The one I tasted – look at how incredibly shiny the shell is!  It looks like the rolling green hills of the default Windows background…


Chocolate garnishes – most of the one-day courses at Savour are 7 hours… 7 hours making these most intricate and delicate of things… I’m not sure if I’m horrified or excited!



Petit Gateaux Level 2 and Verrines (layered desserts in small glasses) – a new series starting up in March-April next year.  The cake in the bottom right is a chocolate mousse cake with chocolate glaze, tiger stripe detailing, a chocolate horn and moulded chocolate candy spray-painted to look like an actual chocolate berry.


It wasn’t just food porn, there was definitely gear porn as well.  Here are four pristine white industrial Kitchenaid stand mixers!  While they hold the same amount as the standard mixers (5 quarts, 4.8 litres), they have a stronger motor and heavier base for much better handling of ingredients.


Here are three chocolate melting tanks with milk, white and dark chocolate.  The melting tanks hold the chocolate at the exact correct temperature for tempering, and were priced at around $1000 AUD each.


Some of the lovely teachers at Savour!  The blonde woman is Kirsten Tibballs, owner and director of Savour.  Paul Kennedy won the Australian Chocolate Masters Competition in 2007, and in the top right corner is Seung Yun Lee, who recently qualified to represent Australia at this year’s World Chocolate Masters.  She will be competing against 12 other countries in Shanghai, the top two of which will go on to represent their countries at the finals in Paris.

Kirsten is a judge for the WCM… I know which position I’d rather be in!


Unsurprisingly, the most popular demo was for the macaron – Paul created a citrus macaron flavoured with lime and kalamansi curd.  Yes – kalamansi!  As in the Filipino kumquat/lime type fruit!  I felt so proud for some bizarre reason.

Seung Yun was seriously a piping master – she filled the entire tray of macarons in about 3 minutes.  Paul needed guidelines for his, but he did it in about the same amount of time.


And yes, they were wonderful.  I’ve never had kalamansi as a sweet before, but they tasted very refreshing, and mouth-puckeringly sour.  And look at how high the dome got!


It’s nice to see that even the professionals have accidents as well…  Made me feel a little better about forgetting to add any sugar to my pandesal this morning.


To finish off, here’s my haul for the day – 1kg bag of Callebaut cocoa powder, silpat baking mat, offset palette knife and a digital thermometer.  Oh, and I signed up for a class on Gateaux de Voyage (Tea Cakes) on 9th October, so look out for another blog post then!

Disclaimer: This entry is not sponsored by anyone.  Entry to Savour Open Day was free, all items purchased by me.  Thanks to Kirsten Tibballs, her crew and Savour School for an amazing day out!

Don’t forget: Trissalicious (whom I met through the Kulinarya Cooking Club) is running a giveaway for either  a $400 Savour gift voucher or 10kg bag of Callebaut chocolate.  Yes, TEN KILOS OF CHOCOLATE!  All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog about which Savour class you’d like to take, and follow her (http://twitter.com/trissalicious) and the Savour School (http://twitter.com/SavourSchool) on Twitter.  Good luck!

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